• Masters in counseling psychology
  • Artist/art therapy training
  • Extensive work with special needs and at-risk youth
  • ​Corporate background in sales, marketing, and project management
  • Commitment to improving families and communities by paying it forward

Susan has a diverse background combining various professions, education, and training. She graduated from Purdue University in West Lafayette, Indiana with a bachelors degree in management and marketing.  

She spent several years in retail management and eventually got her real estate license, after which she sold real estate for nearly 17 years. During the real estate crash and subsequent layoff, Susan was offered a position with Sylvania Lighting Services in Phoenix, Arizona, and she moved there in 2007. One year later, she experienced her third layoff, after which she decided to start her own commercial lighting company. Her lighting company continues to do well, but her deep passion and dream of working with kids through art never subsided.

In 2011, with the support of family and friends, Susan decided to pursue her masters degree in counseling psychology with focus on art therapy. During her masters program she began working with children on the autism spectrum at a private school.

Prior to working with children on spectrum, Susan developed several art programs for at-risk kids. Her passion for at-risk kids developed as a result of Susan's struggle to help her son during his years in school and beyond. She understands the frustration, anger, and heartache parents can experience when the appropriate help for their child is difficult or impossible to find.

Susan knew after she graduated with her masters degree that she wasn't suited for a typical therapist role in an office with a couch and a box of tissues. She considers herself a visionary with a purpose and seeks innovative ways to share her story and experiences to help others.  

Susan currently offers services in her home studio and mobile studio. She also contracts with local organizations, schools, and businesses to provide Expressive Art Experiences, workshops, presentations and art programs.

Susan Beasley, M.A.C.P.

Susan Beasley,  M.A.C.P.

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