• Masters in counseling psychology
  • Artist/art therapy training
  • Extensive work with special needs and at-risk youth
  • ​Corporate background in sales, marketing, and project management
  • Commitment to improving families and communities by paying it forward

Susan Beasley,  M.A.C.P.

Creative Exploration and Developmentpand Development

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Follow us as we travel cross country providing workshops and events to connect families and communities. Workshops and events will focus on art experiences that address current issues our youth struggle with in their daily lives. Connecting the Dots is a project that hopes to bring awareness to families and communities through interactive art therapy based experiences designed to promote self-awareness, compassion, and a deep desire to help others. Susan has collaborated with other art therapy professionals and individuals that share her passion for improving the lives of at-risk and special needs children and their families. Expressive Art Experiences encourages everyone to get involved personally by hosting an event in your city or by referring someone you know that might benefit from this project in their city. Donations can be made to our GoFundMe account. We look forward to seeing you soon!

April 8-9th 2019:  2-Day Training "Art for Children Experiencing Psychological Stress" Scottsdale, AZ

April 20-21 and April 27-28th, 2019:  "Connecting Community Through Art" The Legacy Center, Woodland Hills, CA 

May 5th, 2019 2-4pm:  Community Art Show for "Connecting Community Through Art" Project (The Legacy Center, Woodland Hills, CA)

May 25-28th, 2019:  NISOD International Conference-Austin, Texas "Art for Students Experiencing Psychological Stress" (Special Session)

Connecting the Dots . . .

Connecting Families and Communities