• Masters in counseling psychology
  • Artist/art therapy training
  • Extensive work with special needs and at-risk youth
  • ​Corporate background in sales, marketing, and project management
  • Commitment to improving families and communities by paying it forward

Susan Beasley,  M.A.C.P.

Creative Exploration and Developmentpand Development

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​​​​​​Susan is available to give presentations to audiences that want to learn about developmental techniques that can be used when making art. She uses visual processing styles and ​art medium to teach parents, teachers, social workers, and other various professionals techniques to improve their communication skills with their children or the populations they serve.

Susan has extensive experience with nonverbal students and clients. She has developed skills and techniques that improve communication and learning for those who find verbal communication and expression challenging. Susan uses art therapy theories during art experiences to teach self-regulation, reduce anxiety, cognitive processing, and problem solving through the use and manipulation of various art mediums and materials. Art is an effective way to express and communicate feelings and emotions that are difficult to put into words.


Expressive Art Experiences provides highly interactive workshops designed to guide attendees through exercises that demonstrates how the brain processes creative experiences.

The first experience begins with processing levels of sensory and kinesthetic mediums. When working at this level of processing, participants experience how various mediums feel and the movement used to create lines and color. 

The next experience involves discovering what images appear during the art making exercise and the affect the images have on the participant. This level is the perceptive/affective level. When the image or theme of the artwork appears to the participant, they begin to plan and execute how to proceed with the artwork.

Finally, participants process how to develop their artwork and determine what the images mean to them. This level is cognitive/symbolic processing. During this level, participants use organization, structuring, sequencing, and other constructive processes to complete their artwork and evaluate the process.